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The journey of Holy Spirit parish continues…

We humbly thank God for all those who, over the last 50+ years, have contributed so much of their time, talent and treasure to the faith life of this parish.

  • Present
    - 2016

    Rev. Eli St. Fort - 9th Pastor

    Rev. Eli St. Fort - 9th Pastor

    As of July 1st, 2017, the diocese appointed Fr. Eli as our 9th pastor after serving as an administrator for a year beginning on July 1st, 2016.

  • 2016 - 2010?

    Fr. Kevin Nelson - 8th Pastor

    Father Kevin served as the 8th pastor here at Holy Spirit.

  • 2006

    Father Antony Pulikal joins us from India

    The young Carmelite priest from India joined us in 2006 and added much to our community spirit.

  • Oct 2005

    All Saints Hall and the Priest Residence Rededicated

    Following two other hurricanes the previous year, October of 2005 saw Hurricane Wilma ravage the parish property along with many parishioners’ homes. The roofs of the Family Center and the Priest Residence came flying off.  The hall interior escaped severe damage but the residence needed to be totally gutted.  After almost an entire year, the two were brought back into full service.

    Among the many changes, like an Angelus Room and a Jerusalem Room, a new pipe organ and carpeting now grace our church; the “Bride’s Room” has been transformed into the Paraclete Shoppe (an outlet for religious articles and Catholic reading material).

  • June 2004

    7th Pastor Appointed - Fr. Ron

    Fr. Ron, already Parochial Vicar, was appointed seventh Pastor in June of 2004.

  • ???

    Father Kevin, the 6th Pastor, and a Remodeled Parish Center

    Father Kevin, the 6th Pastor, and a Remodeled Parish Center

    Father Kevin P. MacGabhann originally appointed as Parochial Vicar, became our sixth Pastor. From the former multi-purpose church building with classrooms, a Social Hall and kitchen became a reality.  With Father Kevin’s encouragement, several new activities began to enrich parish life. The Social Hall became a beehive of activity.  Line Dancing Lessons, Thanksgiving Dinners, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Strawberry Festivals and several dances increased the  social life of the parish. A full stage, complete with all the necessary trimmings, was constructed.  Programs were designed by Father Kevin, and parishioners volunteered their time and talent for many entertaining performances. The former Women’s Guild was resurrected as The Council of Catholic Women. The annual Bazaar re-emerged as an expanded version of a Craft Fair.

  • Oct 1, 1986

    The Permanent Church was Dedicated

    The Permanent Church was Dedicated

    After several years of fundraising and much preparation, Bishop Thomas V. Daly of the newly established Diocese of Palm Beach concelebrated Mass with many visiting priests and dedicated the new permanent church on October 1, 1986.  Shortly thereafter, a new area for additional parking, needed to accommodate parishioner growth, was completed across West Ocean Avenue.

  • March 4, 1984

    20th Anniversary of Holy Spirit Parish

    On March 4, 1984, the parish celebrated its 20th Anniversary – a joyous occasion and another milestone in our Parish’s journey.

  • 1983

    Planning for a New Church

    Planning for a New Church

    Archbishop McCarthy directed Father William L. O’Dea, to proceed with plans for the construction of a permanent church edifice.  The Holy Spirit Parish Development Program came into existence.  For the next three years, a small core of volunteers conducted activities to raise funds along with memorials and donations for a new church.  

    Our Women’s Guild actively participated in various projects.  Their representation in the Right to Life movement, Morality in Media and activities against the spread of pornography definitely caused positive action. Fundraising activities included an annual Christmas Bazaar, Spring Fashion Show and mini-card parties and rummage sales.

  • Associate Pastor appointed Archdiocesan Director of the Polish Apostolate

    Father Clarence J. Podgorski, as an associate pastor, was appointed Archdiocesan Director of the Polish Apostolate in December 13, 1982. A weekly Polish Mass on Saturday evenings became a reality under his direction.

  • Jan 1980

    Beginnings of Our Parish Choir

    Beginnings of Our Parish Choir

    Our Parish Choir became a reality with only seven voices.  It has increased over the years and has had several Directors of Music.  Our Choir still sings at the 10:30 AM Mass on Sunday.

  • Jul 1979

    Fr. O'Dea becomes the 5th Pastor and Masses for the Hearing Impaired

    Fr. O'Dea becomes the 5th Pastor and Masses for the Hearing Impaired

    On July 4, 1979, Father William L. O’Dea was appointed fifth Pastor.

    Once a month on Sunday evenings, a Mass was celebrated in Sign Language for the hearing impaired living within Palm Beach County.  One of our Parishioners signed the Mass and Homily.

  • ???

    4th Pastor, Father Donald J. Ireland

    Under his leadership, a children’s guitar Mass was  established along with many additional activities. 

  • June 1974

    Fr. Reynolds appointed 3rd Pastor

    On June 20, 1974, Father James Reynolds was appointed third Pastor. Under his leadership, more ministries were organized and new activities introduced for the spiritual, cultural and social welfare of the parish. The Friendship Club was formed in October 1973 as a social group.  Some of their activities were bus rides to points of interest, excursions to the races, card parties and luncheons.  Funds raised by these activities went towards the Building Fund.

    Eucharistic Ministers were commissioned and also functioned as lectors. They visited shut-ins, Atlantis Nursing Center, A. G. Holley Hospital, JFK Hospital, and the Lantana Correctional Institution.

  • Sept 1968

    2nd Pastor and Principal, Father Cann

    Father Leslie Cann was appointed our second Pastor in September 1968.  While pastor, he was also the Principal of Cardinal Newman High School.  Considerable additions were made to our physical plant which enabled the expansion of social and religious activities. In January of 1970, Father Cann organized the first Parish Census.

  • Mar 1967

    Confirmation Celebrated in the New Temporary Church

    Confirmation Celebrated in the New Temporary Church

    The Sacrament of Confirmation was celebrated for the first time in the new church on March 11, 1967.

  • May 1966

    New Temporary Church Dedicated with a Pontifical Mass

    New Temporary Church Dedicated with a Pontifical Mass

    A two-winged structure was dedicated on May 28, 1966, with a Pontifical Mass celebrated by Archbishop Carroll.

  • Nov 1965

    Groundbreaking for the New Temporary Church

    Groundbreaking for the temporary church took place  on November 12, 1965, at the present parish site, at 1000 Lantana Road.

    Father Rynne convinced Archbishop Carroll that sufficient financial support from our parishioners warranted the construction of a multi-purpose building on property previously owned by the archdiocese. 

  • June 1964

    Sacraments Celebrated during newly formed Parish

    Susan Bramuchi was the first child to be baptized on June 26, 1964.  The first Mass took place in our storefront Church on July 16, 1964.  William Bassell, Jr. and Valerie Burdick were the first couple to celebrate their marriage on August 7, 1964.  First Holy Communion was celebrated for the first time in the parish on January 10, 1965.

  • March 3, 1964

    Holy Spirit Catholic Church established in Lantana

    Holy Spirit Catholic Church established in Lantana

    The Archbishop of Miami, Most Reverend Coleman F. Carroll, in keeping up with the growth and development of the Catholic population in South Florida, created Holy Spirit Parish from several nearby parishes: Sacred Heart, St. Mark and St. Luke. Holy Spirit Catholic Church was established in Lantana on March 3, 1964. 

    Archbishop Carroll appointed Father Thomas Rynne, a veteran Irish Priest with 10 years of  experience, as the founding Pastor.  Father Rynne arrived in Lantana via a Greyhound Bus, surveyed his new Parish and negotiated for an empty storefront space in the Lantana Shopping Center on Lantana Road. This was to be our temporary Church. Father Rynne’s office and living quarters were built in the rear of the store which he occupied  for two years.